Devolution is Dead

It's time to negotiate back control

In 2019 Westminster used the fact that the Stormont Assembly was not functioning to strip the pre born children of Northern Ireland of all protection under the law. What many people don't realise, however, is that the legislation used to do this, Section 9 of the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Act, also gives the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland ultimate control of our abortion laws.


The Secretary of State has already used his powers to force highly liberal abortion regulations and is now seizing further power away from Stormont by giving himself the ability to bypass the Executive and instruct ministerial departments.


It is clear today that abortion is no longer a devolved issue and that Westminster can, and will, not only impose further liberalisation of our laws but also strike down any attempts to alter them in our own locally elected Assembly.

It is time to take back control. It is time for Stormont to fall.


CBR NI, SPUC, Precious Life and NIvoiceless have issued a joint statement calling for all pro life MLAs to walk out of the Assembly and Executive and not return until control over our own laws has once again been reinstated. This call has since been backed by other organisations such as Let them Live and Irish Pro Life.


Please sign and share our petition below to show that you believe that Northern Ireland's abortion laws should once again be controlled by the people of Northern Ireland and not Westminster. Demand that they leave their seats and not return until this control is handed back to the people to whom it belongs.


See our video presentation below to find out why Westminster's intervention is so devastating and what we must do to stand against it.

Dear Member,

We write to you as constituents to demand that you walk out of the Stormont Assembly and (where applicable) the Executive in protest against Westminster's latest intervention on abortion.


A key part of the devolution settlement was the promise that the people of Northern Ireland would continue to control their own laws with regard to abortion. Section 9 of the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Act, already gave the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland ultimate control of our abortion laws and his latest intervention further increases his power by giving him the ability to direct the implementation of these laws as well.


Abortion is no longer a devolved matter. We are simply the managers of the abortion laws that Secretary of State has decided we should have now and will continue to be the managers of the laws he decides we should have in the future.

Stormont must fall and control of our laws must be negotiated back to our own soil before it returns. It is time to make the murder of a pre born children a red line that we cannot cross.


This is not a matter of politics alone but, more importantly, it is a matter of principle. We ask that you take a strong and decisive stand on behalf of your pre born neighbour.



[Your Name]


(Opened 25/03/2021)


For attention of:

All Pro Life Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly