Killers in our midst: How rogue medics used the pandemic to murder preborn children

    In March of this year society shut down with a clear message - stay home, save lives. What many didn't realise at the time though was that there was an even deadlier killer than Covid-19 creeping into our country at the very same time. 

    As a society we have been gripped by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is difficult to go anywhere, read anything or watch TV without being bombarded with information on what may come and what has been.

    The end of March, however, also saw Northern Ireland having Westminster's extreme abortion regulations foisted upon them. In the wake of this, and under the threat of legal action from pro abortion groups, Health Minister Robin Swann gave the green light for trusts to allow early medical abortions to be carried out in their facilities.

    A rogue group of doctors and nurses hastily set about creating clinics where abortion pills could be administered to poison a child under 10 weeks gestation to death. In the midst of a pandemic where society has been asked to stay home to save lives these doctors and nurses have been going to work to end lives. 

    Each Thursday evening, as society stood on their doorsteps clapping the efforts of the NHS, these doctors and nurses travelled home from a day spent murdering children.

    It was only down to the pandemic that these rogue clinics were able to operate in the first place. Having not been officially commissioned they had no official budget. They have operated by syphoning money from the budgets of other departments that were closed due to the pandemic. Money for cancer screenings and other vital services has been diverted to murdering children.

    It has been difficult to go anywhere, read anything or watch TV without being bombarded with information on what may come and what has been. Daily briefings from members of the Executive are now commonplace, as is the sympathy they offer to the family of each person killed by Covid-19. They have offered these condolences on 588 occasions up to the time of posting.

    In the same period of time, however, 664 abortions have been carried out and the Executive have remained silent. As Robin Swann talks about taking steps to protect the most vulnerable in our society, preborn children are being murdered at a rate that far outstrips Covid-19. As society has focussed on those killed by Covid-19 the children murdered by abortion have been discarded in bins and flushed down toilets.

    Last week we heard that the murder of unborn children would cease in the Northern Health and Social Care trust. In light of the ‘second wave’ of Covid-19 that we face the Health Minister must ensure that not a single penny more is spent on murdering the most vulnerable in our society.

    Unlike Covid-19, abortion does not come in waves. It is a relentless killing machine that preys on the most vulnerable. It does, however, have a cure. What is it? Abolition!


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