Alliance Councillor labels photo of living baby as 'graphic' and 'distressing', blacks out image on twitter

    Pro abortion Alliance Party Councillor for Bangor West, Connie Egan, took to twitter on Saturday afternoon to label CBR NI's image of a living 10 week old fetus as 'graphic' and 'distressing'. In her tweet she hid the reality of abortion by posting a large black circle over the living images.


    CBR NI's educational display (right) and the blacked out version that appeared on Cllr Egan's twitter account (left)

    Cllr Egan's tweet came after she launched a verbal tirade towards the team manning CBR NI's educational display in full sight of two PSNI officers.

    After identifying herself, Cllr Egan repeatedly shouted: "You're not welcome in our town!" towards the CBR NI team. When asked if she was making that comment on behalf of the council or from her personal viewpoint she refused to comment. A passerby, however, intervened to say that he lived in Bangor and that the team were more than welcome.

    Welcoming peaceful dialogue with people from all viewpoints, a member of the CBR NI team approached Cllr Egan and her male companion in order to attempt to have a meaningful conversation. After highlighting that the team were there to educate Stephen Farry's constituents on the reality of the abortion regime he has been instrumental in forcing upon Northern Ireland, Cllr Egan said she was "very proud" of the MP's work.

    Cllr Egan went on to state that she felt that the picture of a living 10 week old fetus was distressing for children to see. When it was pointed out to her that very similar images can be seen on BBC Bitesize, an educational website for children, as well as any school Biology textbook, Cllr Egan's companion retorted: "I never saw anything like that at school."

    A living fetus image on educational website, BBC Bitesize

    An spokesperson for CBR NI said: "Councillor Egan's behaviour on Saturday afternoon was symptomatic of the intolerance and aggressive resistance to opposing views that has crept into the Alliance Party in recent years. 

    "It was shocking, but not unsurprising that she then decided to cover up the image of a living child on her facebook page labelling it as 'distressing'. A quick look through her social media accounts shows that Councillor Egan is extremely pro abortion. It is often our experience that people who support abortion choose to hide these images as it shows the reality of the position they support and they don't want others to see this reality for themselves. Stephen Farry and Councillor Egan support the killing of children of the same gestational age as this photo. It is unsurprising, therefore, that she would choose to hide it.

    "The irony of her choosing to place a black circle over the image will not be lost on members of the public. In recent weeks we have seen people black out their profile photos on social media to demand justice for George Floyd and to protest against his death. The fact that she chose a black circle, which many people will have seen replace profile pictures, to hide the injustice her party are perpetuating is frankly disgusting"

    The CBR NI team will be holding another educational display in Bangor on Saturday the 4th of July. For further information follow CBR NI on Facebook or email info@cbrni.org


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